The deductible is $500 for vehicles valued under $10,000 and $750 for vehicles valued over $10,000. UShip offers standard door-to-door car shipping service, uss express review but you may also find terminal-to-terminal shipping depending on the carrier. You’ll find more flexible shipping options if you post a marketplace listing.

Be sure that the information on the BOL is accurate and includes everything you discussed with the shipper. They offer a generous cancellation policy and complimentary car washes for your vehicle, should it get dirty on its trip. Sherpa Auto Transport prides itself on its Price Lock Promise. It’s a promise only to charge you the price you were quoted without adding hidden costs afterward. We liked Easy Auto Ship for its unique customer service perks. If your car becomes dirty during shipping, they’ll reimburse the cost of a car wash. On the rare occasion that your car’s delivery is substantially delayed, they’ll reimburse the cost of a rental car to get you through.

job at shipping services review

I then reached out and every contact I had was no longer in service. I hope I can help others who may think this is a good temp job.

FAQs About ZIM Integrated Shipping Services

I was very happy with the ease of booking the shipment and how they were there to help me when an issue arose with this being my first cross border shippment with a large item. I would use them again and I will recommend them to my friends. Very pleased with how quick and reliable the team was. Great service for a transfer I did between warehouses.

job at shipping services review

The estimated prices in the chart below are based on approximate distances and include online and cash pricing. On top of Easy Auto Ship’s upfront pricing strategy, the company also offers a money-saving, cash-payment option with each online quote to help fit automobile shipping into your budget. Easy Auto Ship helps make shopping for an auto transportation company easy.


Also, our logistics solutions division is often used as a model for other businesses. Our unbeatable prices and unparalleled service are the envy of our competitors. Time after time, our customer reviews show that we consistently provide what we promise to our clients. The goal of our company is to help your company succeed. We work to help streamline processes by removing duplicate tasks and, in some instances, completely revamping a process to make it more efficient and cost effective. We value not only our customers, but also our employees.

  • I was able to find a great price to ship two pallets to Corner Brook, Newfoundland.
  • Once your quote is accepted, you will receive a booking confirmation email which contains the full collection/delivery details.
  • Our team reached out to uShip for a comment on these negative reviews but did not receive a response.
  • We set up our first shipment with Freightera entirely online and in under 15 minutes…

If you are looking for a cheaper route, haul your clubs with you when you travel . But there is definitely value to the ease of the traveling experience using Ship Sticks. They also kindly offered to refund the order, which I accepted. We believe that our employees are the reason for our success and our number one resource. If you are interested in a job at Matson, please review our Job Postings and follow us on LinkedIn. Our employees strive to create a work environment that reflects the communities we serve and where people feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to the workplace.

Even though we had some difficulties with the trucking company, Freightera was very helpful to assist until shipment arrived. We made our first shipment with Freightera; booked last week and picked up today. We saved our customer more than 50% of their shipping by using this service and they were blown away. The interface was simple and fast and made it easy to book the shipment. We’ll be using Freightera anytime we can in the future. If you want to get trucking quotes without going to several different companies to do that so you can compare pricing, here is the place to go.

Compare Shipping Companies

Hi, i’m a newly class 3 mate and seekimg for a job onboard a vessel,pls need assitance. A good reputed company may not necessarily have a good ship…. Nd r they fake or not….plz rply i need help….nd ll they give a sponcership or assurity for job. There will be several other things you may have on your mind like contractual allowances, food, victualing on board.

UShip’s marketplace listing tool allows you to set the pickup date as soon as the next business day. However, you may or may not find an available carrier depending on your location. You can expect to pay more for expedited service if you find a carrier in a short period of time. As a shipping marketplace, uShip offers a wide range of services including open, enclosed and single-car shipping.

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Not the least of which involves getting your large assets to the new location. There’s a trend toward shipping automobiles and other large items rather than figuring out how to bring them yourself.

The BBB rates them at 4.9 along with Consumer Affairs. But, having only a few years in business means we’re wary of putting them near the top. American Auto Shipping uses a diverse collection of shipping companies to get your car where it needs to go by truck, trailer, railcar or boat to meet your budget and timing needs. They’ve been around for 18 years, so they’ve seen it all and can move just about anything for you. To keep prices competitive, they work with a network of vetted independent shippers who can sometimes fit your delivery on an already scheduled shipment if they have room available. Montway Auto Transport specializes in shipping vehicles and nothing else. The company stakes its reputation on ensuring that your vehicle shipment is done right without having to divert its attention to other items during your move.

You’ll file it with uShip if you purchased the extra cargo insurance. Otherwise, you’ll file a claim with the carrier’s insurance. You can contact uShip’s support team to file a claim with a carrier if you need assistance. The carrier will give you a window of time to meet at the delivery location. Here, you’ll sign the bill of lading and note any new damage from the journey on the document. Take more photos of the vehicle if you notice any new damage. Many customers appreciate the security of this payment method.

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