Alex accused Zach of protecting Bryce, which he denied. Further into the dialog, Alex described Zach as an entitled fool who does merciless, silly things however most likely has a good heart. Alex and Jessica talking at Monet’s, in “Acceptance/Rejection”.

Alex swears in a low voice and asks her if she has any guess of who did it. Jessica and Alex are pissed but convinced that Zach would not do something like this. Alex suspects it’s Estela, however Jessica tells her that she joined HO and he or she knows what her brother was like. They formed a friendship together with Jessica shortly after they moved to Evergreen.

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Tony (Christian Navarro) leaves his shop in Caleb’s succesful arms because he has a full ride to the University of Nevada, the place he’ll put his boxing skills to good use. The final shot of the series exhibits Clay and Tony back in Tony’s automobile, leaving everything high school threw at them behind. After collapsing at prom, it is revealed that Justin (Brandon Flynn) has been suffering from HIV.

Charlie is happily greeted by Alex’s family, particularly his brother Peter as he’s excited that Alex is courting a quarterback of the football group. Alex’s mom talks to Alex and asks if Charlie makes him pleased, which Alex confirms. Charlie also comes out to his dad as bisexual and mentions that he has a boyfriend.

It’s revealed that Tyler filmed a goodbye video before he tried to shoot up the school. In the video he thanked Alex for being the one one that was ever nice to him. Alex is the only particular person he personally addressed besides his parents. Alex waited for Tyler and college and said that he needed to check out him, and not as a end result of they told him to however as a result of he needed to.

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Winston thought he was lying, but Alex advised him he’s not. Alex additionally mentioned that he was alone and to do what he needs with this information. Later, Winston requested him why he did it, if he’s sorry and if Jessica was with him.

Hannah and Alex went from being best associates to distant acquaintances. After he and Jessica broke up, Alex came to the Crestmont alone. Hannah requested him if there was no Jessica tonight, and he stated that there wasn’t. Understanding that he was in a bad state, Clay and Hannah didn’t pursue the topic any further. A few weeks after Hannah Baker’s suicide, Alex makes an attempt suicide as a result of he feels responsible and his new associates have only made him miserable. The bullet ricochets and bounces via his head, to the ceiling and dents the wall.

Alex and justin from “13 reasons why” as soon as made out in a film together

The subsequent day, they companion up for the treasure hunt and take heed to the directions together. After Hannah’s suicide, they are seen hanging out once more. Even although they have been nonetheless having disagreements, It’s shown that Alex nonetheless loves her, and Jessica still cares for him a lot.